Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Bonanza

I had a wonderful birthday earlier this month. My oldest daughter made me a knitted dishcloth and a coupon to have her wash dishes sometime. My second daughter gave me this beautiful yarn:

...and then promptly asked if I would make her a pair of socks sometime.

And of course, my little boy gave me a big hug (and I swear he wished me 'happy day' first thing that morning before he even heard birthday mentioned).

My husband spoiled me with this yarn...

which will actually go into his stash, as he said he might use it to make something for me, or if I get to it first I can use it if I want.

He also gave me some beautiful fiber I had admired online...

Isn't that pretty? He also gave me an official shawl pin, as I've been randomly using anything that would work.

He also gave me a Loopy Ewe gift certificate and then my sweet husband also gave me a yarn bowl. It's a beautiful piece of pottery that can hold my yarn while I'm working...

I also got a great book from my brother's family, several exercise dvds (that I had asked for), a new cake doctor book, and a yogurt maker.

Thanks to my husband who made sure I had a great week, and to everyone else for their birthday wishes and gifts!

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the boogeyman's wife said...

how cool! you're just rolling in riches :)