Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams

When something is going on in the life of someone you care about you can't always help. Sometimes you can't change anything, and, in fact, you don't want to intrude - you just want them to know someone cares and that they aren't alone.

I had been mentally planning this out for several months. I ordered this yarn on February 17, and waited for it to arrive.

I then, on the evening of February 23, cast on a pattern from knitspot, and set aside my other projects for about a month and worked on this...

As it comes off the needles it doesn't look very special. It's lumpy and bumpy and the holes look almost random, but after being soaked and then stretched out and pinned and stretched some more and re-pinned... and then letting it dry.... it looks much more impressive:

I had *almost* a skein left when I finished the shawl. I had thought I might have about that much extra, so I had already searched out a pattern. I cast on another knitspot pattern, and began knitting on this scarf...

It's a little hard to see the cool zig-zag that developed, but I really liked the texture and so I chose not to 'hard block' this and instead just carefully steamed it so it would not roll, and left it more textured and not lacy.

I had to wait a while to post because I wanted to make sure the items got to the two recipients... which has now happened. Both shawl and scarf will hopefully provide comfort and warmth.

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the boogeyman's wife said...

they came out beautifully!