Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweater Blocked

I finished the blue lace sweater tuesday night. I managed to block it yesterday, and because it is cotton I was worried about it taking forever to dry in this humid weather, so instead I dry blocked it! (This involves pinning the sweater out to the right measurements - making sure it stretches right and the edges are straight - and then spraying it with water)

I ended up having to refill my little spray bottle three or four times, so if I plan on doing this again I might want to purchase a bigger spray bottle, but since I had the pieces pinned out on foam boards the water didn't damage anything and it was dry this morning!

Due to other chores I might get to sewing it today, or I might have to wait another day or so anyway, but at least I was able to unpin, neatly fold, and put everything away so I'm not worried about the kids getting to it!

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