Friday, March 22, 2013

Music stuck in my head

Songs that got stuck in my head on the drive home last night...

Next To Me

I'm Yours

Catch My Breath

Like any of them?  What's stuck in your head?


the boogeyman's wife said...

lately i've had greg brown's "spring wind" fighting with his "canned goods" for song-stuck-in-the-head rights. both are so mellow and full of love and rich imagery. i like "i'm yours" along with his "sleeping to dream," especially when summer work takes me out of town. the other two songs are new to me…the next to me lyrics i really like.

Hannah Bartholomew said...

You people with songs stuck in your head are weird! =)

Once in high school I had a song stuck in my head for months. It took a whole month for me to realize that the tune I was humming all the time was the same tune. And then it took me a couple of weeks to reproduce it well enough that someone else could tell me what the song was.

Since then I've realized I annoy people when I hum and have ceased doing so. Therefore I shall never know again if I have a song stuck in my head. =)

Hope you enjoy your portable soundtracks!