Monday, December 18, 2006

Child Scarf - step 2

Well, I had the wool all cleaned and teased. I managed to card half of it, and dye that half some pretty colors:

I used wiltons and vinegar and attempted to dye using the microwave (I've only done stovetop dyeing up until now). I'd say it worked pretty well. However, the smell made my dear husband gag and stay in a closed room until it had vented, so I researched alternative methods....

I now have some powder citric acid, which I used to dye the second half:

In case you couldn't tell, child 1 loves rainbows right now and wanted a rainbow scarf - I figured if I was going to dye that many colors I might as well do a bunch so I could have fun with the yarn after. I think my next project in dyeing (a couple wee-- well, at least a week from now - after christmas) will be dying multiple colors on a single sliver or bat. We'll see...

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