Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No-picture realization

Hey, I finally realized why I don't have a more regular posting schedule - I like to post with pictures of things, as that's what I like to look at on blogs, and I don't like to sit down at the computer and process pictures and write blog entries when the desk is a mess. The rest of the house can be clean, but the desk is usually the last thing I clean. When it is clean then I love to sit down and do creative things on the computer - when it isn't clean then I feel guilty sitting at it and don't feel creative at all....

In my next post I'll have to show what I got in the mail yesterday - very exciting order from ebay... and then I ordered another box today!

previous project list:
finish spinning yarn for yarn swap (pictures sometime in February) - DONE, just need to take pictures and mail off
work on that lace scarf - I did actually work on it - long story for another blog entry, still in progress
maybe some more fuzzy hats if I find more fur yarn - some done
2 more baby blankets and 4 more bears - in progress
my felted rabbit - still planned, not started
Spin up that dyed yarn to use with my yarn swap yarn - dyed and spun, thicker than i wanted, still planning to use it though
4 more skirts - still sitting there, got one cut out!
and some handkerchiefs - not started

Current Projects:
fuzzy hats - one left, already started
4 bears, 2 blankets - one of each is in progress
lace scarf
felted rabbit
use spun yarn

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