Wednesday, December 19, 2007

P is for...


Yeah, that's me. I did the whole month of November - posting every day, and then I take half of December off. I was sick, I got better, I packed my husband off to the other side of the world for a week, we welcomed him home and are still readjusting to normal schedule. I finished Christmas-knitting and have everything mailed off (as of today) - even the cards are all out. We've gotten all our shopping done and now just have to wrap and bake. Pictures were taken of a couple of the super-secret Christmas knitting and will be posted after Christmas. I'm still trying to finish a couple of things for my sweet husband, but without a definite deadline.

P is also for Pal

....I found out who my SP11 spoiler is, through a couple sneaky clues. I'm still waiting for my last package (no rush, no problem) and will post links and such after that gets here.

P is also for pregnant

I'm showing enough of a belly that people are now asking when I'm due (end of March), do I know what I'm having (no, we don't find out, never have - the results of the ultrasound said healthy), do we have names picked out yet (nope, not enough a blog name picked yet, definitely not a real name yet). Yes, the girls are excited; no, I'm not knitting for it yet.

P is also for (knitting in) Public

I think we finally have a local S&B. I've gone 3 or 4 times now and I've missed a couple times that others showed up. Unfortunately the place we've been meeting at is closing, so... next Wednesday we won't be meeting (day after christmas), the week after is the first Wednesday of the month and so will be at a nearby LYS, so hopefully by January 9th we'll have a new place to meet at! It's been fun getting out of the house for just a couple hours (thanks to my husband for enabling) and just knit and drink some hot chocolate and chat.

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