Tuesday, December 04, 2007

O is for...


One of the secret presents was opened over the weekend. My husband had a birthday and opened up a package of a bunch of handkerchiefs I had hemmed and then put his initials on. Curly chose a number of the colors of floss that I used, and Lily even did one herself. Perhaps pictures within the next couple of days?

O is also for off.

This weekend was definitely OFF. Like I said, my husband had his birthday and then took Monday off of work. We enjoyed some time together ice skating (well, I didn't skate... I sat with Curly and watched big sister and daddy skate at a local indoor rink). We also had a very yummy turkey dinner. Oh, and the birthday cake was carrot cake - so good. There's still a bit of left overs in the fridge. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make great cakes without a ton of extra work. The carrot cake and the chocolate covered cherry cake are both ones I have made multiple times. I keep trying others too... but those two - yum! It was nice to take a break from the daily blogging - it make this weekend feel like a real vacation after a whole month.

O is also for... umm... shrug

I started another mystery knitting project. (The first being the handkerchiefs that I didn't mention at all since I wanted them to be a surprise). I've knit up almost two skeins of knit picks shine worsted today. ...and for those of you on ravelry, I'm in the middle of stripe 10 out of 11! I'll probably finish the stripes before heading to bed, but not finish it off. ...plenty more to do with it before I move on to the next mystery project. Just a couple of projects to do before Christmas.

oh right, I also spun a bit today on a different mystery project. (to my husband: no sweetie, not the slippers yet!)

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