Friday, December 21, 2007

Q is for...

Que Sera Sera.

I just made a couple of people in my life very happy by making it so my blog feed will go to their reader completely instead of making them click over to my site. Such is life. Merry Christmas!

For those of you on Ravelry - I just wanted to mention a cool swap I signed up for (I know, I said no more swaps until after the baby is born and a little grown, but this one sounded so cool). It's a birthday swap - so they are trying to match people share a birthday (or close if it's not exact). It'll be neat to get another birthday present in the mail, and I can hopefully get it ready and sent before the baby is born. Just wanted to get a mention in, as they are closing it in about a week (the 27th I think?).


aksunflour said...

thanks for the Bday swap info. As that is almost a year away- it is almost do able.

Hope you aren't burning the midnight oil- trying to finish stuff up.

Anne said...

I wish I could fix ours - for some reason we don't seem to come through on most readers either - I don't even use a reader, but I can see how it'd annoy someone who does!