Monday, May 03, 2010

Mothers Day Contest

It's time for a contest... and since Mothers Day is coming soon, I thought it'd be fun to tie that in.

Whether you are male or female, if you have children or not, everyone has a mother.

To enter this contest just comment *on this post* with a story about your mother. It can be funny or sweet, embarrassing or praising... This will run until Sunday night (midnight) and then on Monday morning I'll randomly pick an entry and that person will win a small prize.

If you mention this on your blog/twitter/facebook/etc and others enter via you, you can get a bonus entry if they let me know who sent them in their comment.

Good luck!

PS: I'm still working on my vest and socks for my husband... luckily for him, I was almost done with the vest (steeked and all, just doing the ribbing) and ran out of the green, so while i try to track some matching yarn down, his socks get exclusive knitting.


Bob Bartholomew said...

Mom grew up in Mount Pleasant, Utah. Her father, a farmer, good-natured and beloved, had asthma and didn't bring in a steady income, though his boys learned how to farm and hunt and his family raised abundant produce in large vegetable gardens on either side of their house.

Grandma, undaunted, did everything possible to bring in cash to make ends meet. She provided her children with ample opportunities for education and refinement, be it by means of her home elocution lessons or, in Mom's case, violin lessons from John Hilgendorf, a legendary music teacher from Germany, who lived in Provo, 70 miles to the north, and had promising students in many communities.

Mom's talent merited Mr. Hilgendorf's recommendation that she attend Provo High School in her senior year. She roomed with her older sister, Louise, and four other girls who attended BYU in Provo. The house they roomed in belonged to Grandma.

Grandma must have prayed hard for her children to have opportunity to attend college. The Lord granted her prayer through a difficult circumstance. This woman needed an operation. A terrible error occurred. The medics left a towel inside her with a metal ring on one end.

Fortunately, though with great pain and a nearly fatal outcome, Grandma passed the towel. A settlement with the medics provided the means for her to purchase a house where her children could live while attending BYU and, in Mom's case, Provo High School, where Mr. Hilgendorf taught orchestra. Mom earned a full music scholarship to BYU and played in the BYU Symphony Orchestra, conducted by LeRoy J. Robertson.

Jackie said...

I have some really great memories with my sisters and my mom from when I was a kid...
One of my favorites was getting a special day out with her (usually before school started) alone! We typically would go to the mall to do some school shopping and also get lunch! She would take me to Ruby Tuesday's and let me get a Blondie Sundae! Each of my sisters and I would get our own day of fun out with Mom!
I hope I can be the Mom to my children that she has been to me!

The Metzgers said...

I missed the contest. DARN IT!