Saturday, November 27, 2010

Slippers, Slippers, and a Glitten

The slippers for 'Little Tomato' are done:

He loves wearing Red Socks (and we get a kick out of the sports pun that he has no clue about). He insisted as we were picking out yarn for 'Lily' to start making her own slippers that the red yarn was his. Nice of him to pick out some bulky yarn.... they worked up fairly quickly and aside from a couple days when they were missing, he has worn them almost non-stop around our cold house.

'Curly' chose some yarn out of the girls' yarn basket in their room and had me start slippers for her. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn as I was starting the second slipper, so they have different color bottoms, but they are warm and fuzzy (and can be machine washed, unlike the red ones) and only took a couple of days of tv watching once I got moving on them.

As I said earlier, 'Lily' chose some yarn out of my stash and is working on her own slippers... She's almost to the sole on the first one, and then the second should move faster. I might take pity on her and do the sole, which is the only tricky part on the whole slipper.

However, as she was starting to work on her own slippers she was not left out of the mommy knitting juggling act...

I was finishing up her glove/mittens:

And they are now done!

She had to try them on ummm... about 435 times in order for them to have the perfect fit.

...Curly's first glitten is almost done, work will commence on her second and then only to plain mittens for Tomato - he is insistent that his mittens will be green!

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