Monday, November 29, 2010

The Un-Fun has begun....

I have a song stuck in my head. It's a silly song from my childhood - in fact I mentioned it to my sister and she burst out laughing. I looked into getting it as an MP3, unfortunately it'd be really expensive right now to do that, as it's part of a 12 book series (and you know I couldn't just get one!) and each book and music sells digitally for more than I want to pay (or for a lot all together). Someday perhaps, but in the meantime I went onto Ebay and found an auction for the three music books that hold the piano music for the whole series- no going and snatching the auction up!

The exact song I had stuck in my head was all about Professor Un. He's the arch enemy of Captain Dependable... you can see why I loved this growing up. He somehow makes it so Captain Dependable becomes Un-Dependable. ...and when that happens, the Unfun has begun! Hooray Professor Un! Don't worry, the brave children manage to fix the situation and all is great in the end.

So, instead of doing laundry and cooking and all those other nice things, we took Thanksgiving off. We brought our veggies and rolls to the extended family meal, we split up some food assignments and had our own feast on Friday and then other than attending church we did nothing. We had some Un-fun. We ate leftovers... We sat and read... I got a little knitting done and I think a couple of games were played. It was a wonderful weekend. ...and hard for it to all come to an end.

With all that down time I managed to finish the Gl-ittens for Curly.

She had to come running when a called about 486 times to try them on, but she did so happily....

...and now she loves them!

She even wore them to the store last night when we had to run out for a few things for a certain husband birthday cake that needs making this week.

I even managed to start the mittens for the little boy....

so many stories already while knitting for him... the first mitten is almost done!

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Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Hurrah, Professor Un. Touche, Professor Un. You're secret weapon cast a spell on Captain, HA, Dependable. Your great Procrastinite has overcome his might. His friends they'll never more depend, on such as he they can't depend. Hurrah Professor Un. touche Professor Un. The Un-Fun has begun, begun, begun, BEGUN!