Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year Goals

Every year my family sits down, looks at the goals we had made for the previous year and makes new goals for the new year. 2010 I actually lost our list of goals and then found it two days before the end of the year, so our achievements (of those goals) were pretty dismal. I had made progress on all of my goals, but only actually accomplished 2/5. This year I have five new goals.

1. Make a habit of daily scripture reading
2. Read a majority (average a book a week) of my goodreads list
3. Spin at least 60 oz over the year
4. Go through toys - donate/toss/keep and in 1 or 2 places
5. Deep clean each room twice

I'm actually starting in the New Testament reading just one chapter each day, trying to make it more of a habit than an rushed goal of reading each book. If I stay on target I should finish the New Testament around the end of August, after that I'll hopefully move on to something else for a chapter a day.

I have a current list of 68 books I want 'to read' (well, actually 67 since I am reading one of those currently and haven't moved it over to that list). I had books on there that I originally added to the list last June, which doesn't sound bad except for the fact that I 359 books listed as read since last January. I give myself permission to just delete a book if I'm no longer interested in reading it, otherwise I want to read and work that list down so it isn't where books go for a slow torturous death.

I really enjoy spinning. I feel more calm and relaxed when I get to spin for a bit every day for a while - and while that is not exactly my goal, my aim of 60+ oz for the year is very reasonable. It breaks down into 5 oz a month which I could easily do within a couple of days if I just did it. I have a lot of braids or bags of fiber which are 4 or 5 oz each - so that would be nice to work through, but I also have a couple of larger lots (brown alpaca, grey superwash, more?) that I could spin up for a bigger project...

Toys.... We aren't actually over the top here, but we do have way more toys than we need - especially if you consider that we have three kids who spend a lot of their free time either reading, gaming, imagining, or playing with a couple specific toys.... I just need to psych myself up and go through them and decide and sort. ...and then go through again and make sure that they are stored in a way to make it easy to pull out and play with and put away again.

I am good about keeping the house neat. In fact, I actually kindof like keeping the house neat (especially when everybody in the family grabs a room and straightens and the whole house is done in less than an hour). I am not good at keeping it *really* clean though. Surface clean sure, but a deep scrub the walls and baseboards, mop and wax the wood floors kind of clean is very rare around here. I think that nesting is one part of my previous pregnancies my family really liked because everything got super cleaned and gone through (no, I am not pregnant and not planning to be pregnant, just realized that's the only time I've enjoy scrubbing).

So those are my goals for this year - and I think I'm pretty set for achieving them, as long as I don't lose the list again (which now that I've typed them in matters so much less!)

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Ackerman/Mejias Family said...

I love setting goals! I feel so accomplished when I can check things of off my list! I wish you the best on your new goals!