Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Health and Beauty Products

Is it a bad sign that the last three posts have all been for Ten on Tuesday?

I think it is definitely a sign that I need to get moving on some of my craft projects! I guess the problem is they are all long-ish term ones. The quickest would be the socks I started for 'Curly', but even they are pretty thin yarn and feet that are getting bigger every day. Maybe I can have a real post when the snow stops here... ;)

So, my favorite health and beauty products... let's see.

1. My pedometer - I have a very competetive nature, whether it is competing with myself or someone else, so keeping track of my steps makes me move more, and know I'm moving more!

2. My mp3 player - during the winter I can't exercise much outside so lately I've been listening to my mp3 player while jogging in place (or around the house). Sometimes if I'm jogging in place I even play on my....

3. Play station 3 - Just the past week or two I've been playing tetris (while listening to music) while doing my jogging - oh how the time does fly!

4. My warm bed - very healthy to get enough sleep, and to stay warm on these cold nights!

5. Water - I love drinking it and it is so good for you

6. My new bar lotion from The Loopey Ewe. I just love it, and my hands are pretty picky about lotions.

7. Small bottles of shower gel from Bath and Bodyworks... I love trying out new scents

8. Vitamins, especially a little iron

9. Blistex - I'm not one for lip stuff, but I don't like chapped

10. Umm, I don't know? What's your favorite?

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Anonymous said...

Well, toothpaste is nearly a controlled substance in our house. Roo is currently on a kick where he'd like to brush his teeth four to six times a day (depending on snacks and bath). And of course he doesn't spit any of the sweet stuff out. =P