Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Childhood Games

Well, this ten on tuesday was favorite childhood games, so....

1. Playing in the sandbox. We had a big one in the backyard and used to make castles and tunnels and if we were really lucky we'd get to bring the hose over and soak the sand and get more creative.

2. Four Square. We used to play this in the street in front of our house - having breaks as cars came down our mostly quiet street. The neighborhood kids could really bounce high enough that you had no chance to send it back!

3. Clue

4. Parcheesi

5. Uno

6. Pretend School - which is actually pretty funny since I homeschool now.

7. Hide and Seek - Backwards or normal

8. Word Association Games - one person starts by saying a word, then it moves around the group in an orderly fashion with each person just saying the first word that comes to them - with the third person playing off of the second person's word and so on. It could get pretty funny in our family.

9. Computer Games - old school atari like digdug, space invaders, qbert, etc or the newer old ones like mixed up mothergoose and where in the world is carmen sandiego?

10. Trivial Pursuit - but we played with a religious set of cards, so I stink at the normal trivial pursuit, but have a fair (jr level) knowledge of scriptures and such!

Help me out family, what am I forgetting? ...or for everyone else, what did you like to play when you were growing up?


Arkansas Bartholomews said...

What does it say if the new computer games are 17-18 years old?

Running through the sprinklers
Monopoly with unusual rules

Jansen Family said...

I didn't know you're homeschooling! Do you have any tips for someone planning on it for their 3 1/2 year old?