Friday, February 11, 2011

Catch-up, Yarn and Knitting

Recently my husband saw this project on his RSS ravelry feed and really liked it. Well, thanks to Ravelry I clicked around and found someone who had that yarn and was wanting to sell it.... So a little less than a week later we got this:

...and this... the mail!

I also belong to a barter group on Ravelry and sent off some DVDs I didn't want anymore, but someone else did and sent me this:

some milk fiber

some bamboo

a sock blank (sock yarn that I can dye now)

Some Targhee, which is a breed of wool I haven't tried to spin yet

...and a beautiful batt for me to spin - can't wait to see how this looks!

I've been working on a pair of socks for one of my daughters for almost a month now - and I finally finished them earlier this week!

I started with yarn that matched a tunic I made for her that she loves,

After starting both of them so I could work on them at the same time I had to get both of them through the heel...

Then I just have to keep working on them and trying them on her and working on them some more. This is how you will probably see them normally:

Once it warms up and spring is here though you might see them like this:

The patterning on them matches the tunic, just a little different, and then ribbing on top of course to help keep them up!

After finishing those socks I pulled out some yarn left over from a pair for my husband. I wanted to use at least a bit more of it before sending it to the sock blanket, so I started a pair, and before I could try them on and measure my foot, someone else claimed them.

So, a little boy will have matching socks with his daddy. Right now I am actually finished with the first one and started the toe of the second.


Anonymous said...

milk fiber? I hope that's not a cow product. =)


Carmen said...

Hopefully, Little Tomato will cooperate a little more than when you made the scarf.... ;-)