Friday, February 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday, on Friday: blog edition

This week's ten on tuesday was supposed to be ten non-knitting blogs that I like to read... I'll go with the definition of blog being anything I read in my RSS reader, so here goes:

1. The Pioneer Woman - she's usually so on point and with it - add in cooking and homeschooling posts and it's perfect!

2. Penelope Loves Lists - she's been a bit busy lately, but this take on life so resonates with me.

3. Unclutterer - the name is pretty self explanatory...

4. The Happiness Project - once again, pretty understandable from the title. Sometimes she gets a little too repetitive, as I've read her book and her blog for a while, but the reminders are usually useful and helpful

5. Space Station Nathan - Nathan Hale, illustrator extraordinaire has a blog. He worked on Rapunzel's Revenge and Calamity Jack, both comic book style fun kids books. During February he's challenging himself with a picture book concept everyday... and before that he posted a page a day of a beginning reader picture book (who says once you start reading the words that the pictures have to be boring?)

6. It Made My Day (or IMMD) - This updates in my reader several times a day, so when I check my mail randomly through the day I can usually catch one or two of these happy short stories.

7. Not Always Right - I have a snarky sarcastic mean side to my humor, and these little stories always make me roll my eyes and chuckle at how idiotic some customers can be - and behave better if I find myself in a similar situation....

8. Mormon Mommy Wars - sometimes touching, sometimes pointless - always amusing.

9. The Glass Posse - A woman in New York, who is Mormon, a mom, a wife, and trys to take advantage of living in the city while consistently running to casting calls.

10. My friends' blogs - I don't know who wants the traffic and people and who doesn't so I won't put up links, but I love reading about what's going on with people both near and far - I almost never comment, but I so enjoy feeling in the loop!

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