Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Full Disclosure and Percy Jackson

The past several weeks I've been sitting at my computer on a Monday and after making sure the kids have their lists for the week (school-work expectations) and I plunk out Monday's blog post, check what the ten on tuesday for the week is, schedule that, and then see what I have to say for the rest of the week and schedule that too. In a short amount of time I'm done for the week, and then they just post every morning when I've told them to.

This week that did not happen. This weekend was a little nuts, in a good way. Saturday was free comic book day, so we brought the kids to a participating store and they got to pick (from 10-12 different ones) a free comic book each. Then the family brought me out to Lunch for Mothers Day. Over the yummy chinese food we told the girls that we had decided I would take them on an adventure that afternoon. They were going to go hear Rick Riordan. They were smiley. They were excited. In this house Percy Jackson and friends are second only to Harry Potter... maybe. So after dropping the dad and boy off we drove about half an hour and got there just before they opened the doors. The girls had brought books so they were content to sit for the almost an hour before he was scheduled to speak. He was great. The girls loved listening to his speech and then he answered questions from the crowd. We did end up buying a book, so that we could get into the signing line - so now each girl has a personalized autographed book (Red Pyramid and Demi-gods). We also lucked out and got autographed (but not personalized) copies of Throne of Fire - one for us and one for someone in our extended family. (and after that we still did grocery shopping and started watching the newest Harry Potter movie). Then Sunday I gave a talk (on Mothers Day but not about Mothers Day) and helped out with the kids for a couple minutes - then came home and collapsed. I had been given breakfast in bed, kids ready for church, dinner, and chocolates - and I had gotten the okay to buy myself a book, craft kit, movie, and garden stuff.

So... on Monday - I typed up one kid's list for the week - told them both to go off of that, and did my best to feel productive but mostly recover. Tuesday I was running errands and appointments from 10:20am until 3pm (which doesn't sound bad, but it felt like a comedy of errors), and still needed to prep my science lessons for Wednesday.

I'm scheduling this up for Wednesday morning and then the blog will be on break until next week - I do really like this thing of having something post every weekend, but oh well.

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