Wednesday, June 08, 2011

2011 MA Sheep and Wool

This post could also be called the last of the May Adventures, I'm just a little late posting it.

Memorial Day weekend is always MA sheep and wool in Cummington, MA. It's become traditional for our family to go. We always see some shearing...

...and the past couple of years we've enjoyed seeing some sheep dog trials (this is the pen that holds that sheep that have already been herded).

The girls both wanted to do a workshop. We did the kool-aid dying last year so we tried the spindle spinning this year. Then the kids all got to weave a bit. The guild that runs that hands out these sample cards that have last years weaving in them.

Of course, other than seeing the animals the next best thing is checking out all the vendors. This year I was also picking out some fiber for my neighbor who couldn't go at the last minute - so I got her some fun Spunky Eclectic and Foxfire Fiber - both of which I've purchased and spun before, but not this year...

The bag there was purchased from a no-kill animal shelter near Pittsfield that had all sorts of bags to choose from. It's also the only item I didn't take a separate picture of.

This is from Into the Whirled

I've seen her fiber and yarn on etsy and ravelry - and I finally gave in and got a colorway I've been eyeing for years. I also let each of the girls choose something. Any guesses which color each of us girls chose?

This is from a booth that was called Frabjous Fibers.

There were in the middle of an open area we kept walking by, and they had a couple big bins full of different sized scraps, sold by the ounce - so the kids each picked (with my help) a length of fiber each.

While we were sitting in the kids play area (sand box turtle filled with feed corn, toy tractors to play with, bales of hay to sit on a run around) we bumped into some people we knew. They were showing us what they had bought and mentioned this one place where they had a big bin filled with different sized skeins of different colors of yarn. The catch was they were selling it by the handful. So my husband said he was willing and we went to get our money's worth.

This whole pile of yarn fit into one of his hands. It's 525 grams (that's enough for 5 pairs of adult socks)

So, on the way home we stopped at the grocery store for a couple of items. Since the little boy was sleeping my husband went in with one of the girls - and finally did what he's been threatening for a while. He's been telling the kids that if they wanted to go camping again they need to be brave and show a willingness to try new things....

So we had lobster for dinner that night! It was the first time for the kids, and they actually did a really good job of trying it. All three of them. It was only my third time eating lobster and I enjoyed it too.

Next up, current knitting and soon after that, some of our June adventures....

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