Saturday, February 24, 2007

Omens of things to come

So is it a bad sign if I read the three yarn harlot books, and then start making things that she mentioned (ie. the magic scarf) ...I even had to go to the internet to find a pattern for it. Pictures of that and other finished projects next time.

I think it's also a bad sign that I was reading the book by WendyKnits and actually knitting at the same time. (One row following the lace chart, reading while purling back).

Another bad sign? I started a whole new project. Yeah, I still have a bunch of things planned, and yes I need to do up a teddy bear for my other new nephew (born sometime next week), and yeah, I am just down to my lace scarf on the needles.... but umm, I was trying to think of a present for a person, and the normal girlie stuff seemed lame, and I have a bunch of wool on the wheel that was consistently thin... so I finished it, dyed it, plied it, and am now knitting it. Unfortunately the dye didn't set all the way (I'll fix it before I give it to her - I will have to make sure the finished product sets in the microwave without felting) but that means my hands are turning a slight shade of pink as I knit it. What is it? What colors are involved (other than something that turns my hands slightly pink)? When will I go back to other planned projects? ...and show you the cool pig pattern I found for my older daughter?? umm... maybe I'll have pictures for next time! :)

Previous Project List:
fuzzy hats - one left, already started -mailed off
4 bears, 2 blankets - one bear and a bear and blanket are done
lace scarf - still working
felted rabbit -not started
use spun yarn - done
skirts - some cut out, still have at least 4 more to sew
handkerchiefs - not started

not on the list:
I-cord rug for my niece - finished (no picture yet)
mystery handspun gift - in progress
oh yeah, I also spun and dyed a bit (50 yards?) of alpaca, it's now bright pink/orange

Current Projects:
2 bears, 1 baby blanket
lace scarf
felted rabbit
mystery handspun gift
pink and purple pig
something for my younger daughter (shawl?)

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