Wednesday, April 11, 2007

BPB (Birthday Picture Bonanza)

I have better pictures of some things and also some pictures of fibery birthday things, but first I'll start with mail call:

From my swap pal. I promptly ignored dishes and laundry and sat down to read the first couple of pages. Unfortunately I had to put it down to help the girls and to knit a bit. I'm planning to go see her at Webs at the end of May (already registered), so I really look forward to reading more. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

and then...

this box sat in the corner until my husband got home. Earlier this week we put a quick order in at knitpicks. As most of the order was for him, I figured it could wait until he could open it. Pictures tomorrow perhaps.

For my birthday I got many fun things, but as far as fibery goes:

A PVC Niddy-Noddy (actually two of them), so I can put the yarn up and wash them while on the niddy-noddy.

...and my husband brought me to Critations. I picked out some brown and some white alpaca roving.

Some more birthday goodness:

basement reorganization so I can sew and we can have family unity (something for everyone to do)

the hancock fabric by my house is being closed so everything is marked down. These are for a new quilt. The one currently on our bed is getting frayed.

Beautiful fabric I couldn't resist (especially since there was only that much of it). ...and fabric for handkerchiefs.

I did finish sewing the two skirts I had previously cut out, so these are the last of the fabric for skirts for the girls. of course, I then have dress material and some material for me too.

While I was at the fabric store I picked up a zipper and button to finish off my bag. I just need to knit up a swatch with a button hole and felt it first.

Some better pictures of the items from last post.

...and finally, some Dulaan items. Most of these were knit by my mother, but I will be weaving in ends on both her items and mine, and then mailing them off sometime relatively soon. There will probably be a couple more items before mailing day, but there's 16 there tammy. :)


Knitting Mama said...

I will see you at Webs! I'm coming!

tammy said...

Most impressive on the Dulaan front. Your entries are duly noted. :)

Have a brilliant time listening to Yarn Harlot. I keep hoping she'll come back to Vancouver to speak on this tour. The closest she will be is in Victoria.

And...Happy Birthday girl!

The Yarn said...

Hey Lucy, those slippers look fab as well as super comfy! I'm glad you are enjoying Steph's book. Tammy I'll be in line with you if she came out to Vancouver, I don't think I'll be making it to Victoria one either. I have finally sent the rest of your first package in the mail, think of it as an ode to the yarn harlot ;-) It should make it to you in approx. 5 business days from today.

Take care and happy knitting from your secret pal