Monday, April 02, 2007

Promised Pictures

First we have my order from Leah at Yarn or a Tale, custom dyed sock fiber - superwash merino blended with 20% nylon :) I had given her very vague instructions for dyeing, and they came out great. I also like the small samples she threw in. When these get spun up I'm planning for socks, one pair for me, and one for my husband - can you guess which dye job is for which?

I have also moved along with my husband's sock. I'm in the straight knit-away part, but I'm getting close to the part where he has to try it on every couple of rows, to make sure I start the heel at the right time (maybe that's why second socks are faster for me to make, I have exact measurements in front of me in the form of the first sock).

I'm almost done with the baby blanket - sorry for the bad picture - i've actually got another stripe or two that you can't see... three more color stripes and I'll be binding off and weaving in ends!

And then we have my camel yarn. I had 1/2 lb of camel fiber to spin up and last time I tried it just wasn't working.... well, over the weekend I got the wheel going and it worked. I spun it all up, and then let it sit for a little while, trying to decide whether I should ply it with itself or wool of a lighter color, or a darker color... I had some of my all purpose white(ish) wool already spun, so I plied it with that.

I still have some camel left, so now I have to either spin up more white wool, or break yarn and ply it with something different.... we'll see.

Comment time:

My Swap10 Pal left a message suggesting different patterns in Victorian Lace Today. She also suggested:
"...have your wee ones pick a page number out of a hat or something! Good luck and keep us up-to-date with your choice."

My current favorites are: pages 68 and 32. I also love the Alpine Knit scarf that Wendy has been making. ...but every time I look through the book I find more favorites, so I don't think I'll be deciding until I actually have the yarn and needles in hand and start. (So I need to finish a couple of projects quickly now!!)

My pal also sent me a very cute April Fools Card - Thank you! :)

and Anne said:
"LOL. Something just made me chuckle at reading "done with a monkey appendage" haha. I look forward to seeing a full monkey sometime! "

Me too. It's SO easy knitting, and I think that's why it's taking me so long, as I keep falling asleep whenever I work on it. I think I have about 140 rows of 20 stitch stockinette left, and then a tail. of course, at that point it should be very quick to finish, as all the other pieces look interesting (read that as they involve shaping) and short.

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