Thursday, April 12, 2007

A tale of two projects

Thinking over this post for Swap10 that we've been asked to do (our favorite and/or our hideous monster project) has been interesting. I've been trying to think through all the crafting I've done - there's a lot of years of yarn there.... So I think my least favorite would be something that I finished, but immediately frogged. During college I found a pattern for a plug-in-the-numbers design your own top-down raglan. I thought this was a great idea. It probably was, but I choose to work it in two strands of woolease, knit pretty densely. It was a monster - took tons of yarn, was very boxy, and of course, could have stood on its own. Almost as soon as it was finished I started unraveling it. I used that pretty pale green woolease for many things since then and I think it's finally gone. I have no pictures of the sweater, although I will look around for anything that has the green yarn in it.

Unfortunately I also have no pictures (at the moment) for my favorite item. A couple of years ago I was trying to work through some of my small amounts of yarn. It was fall. I designed a poncho pattern for my daughter and used some of the pretty scrap. As she wore it (and now her sister wears it) I have gotten tons of compliments on it... and of course I like how it looks too! As it is lovely (cough) winter weather again here, I can't find it at the moment - I will try to find it within the next couple of days and post the picture.

A runner up to favorite is my bamboo shawl. This is also the same pattern I used to make a shawl for my older daughter (at the bottom of this post. I had spun the bamboo on my wheel and while I think I could do a better job now, it was pretty nice. It's very soft and warm, and a little unusual.

Tomorrow's post will be very picture heavy (my husband's knit picks order, my current projects, and some finishing touches to a couple of items). I'd do it tonight, but I'm just too tired....

Robyn who said: I will see you at Webs! I'm coming!

-we will have to figure out a meeting spot or some sort!! Looking forward to it. :)

Tammy who said: ...And...Happy Birthday girl!

-Thank you for the birthday wishes! and I will make sure to have a great time listening to the yarn harlot :) hope you get to see her sometime too!

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tammy said...

Congratulations! You won in the Knitting for Dulaan contest! Send me your snail mail addy and I'll send out your prize this weekend.

And, did I tell you? I ordered my Spindolyn last week! I can't wait!