Monday, April 30, 2007

and so it begins...

there is a hole in my mind....

sorry, back out of babylon5 mode now.

Actually, there is a hole in my mind, it's the part that deals with the fact that I already have many projects on the needles. It's also that part that deals with the fact that I have many projects in various stages of planning. So instead of working more on those many projects today (although I did work on ribbing for my husband's sock 1 today, and will probably work on the current baby blanket during heroes tonight), I did a gauge check for my next new project.

That was from the smaller (somewhat more consistant) skein, which I measured at about 113 yards. One of those was done on my knitpicks US 1 and the other was on US 0. I'm not sure which one I like more, so they are sitting there until I decide. Since the other skein was 533 yards, ... I took 8 oz and turned it into 646 yards of 2 ply. I will have to check a swatch and make sure it washes nicely as it is a superwash/nylon blend.

Of course, this weekend as the huge skein dried, it somehow managed to get tangled so I couldn't put it back on the swift. So I spent quite a while untangling and winding up all those yards. Today I finished and then took the hand wound ball and made a nice yarn pie on the winder. Here's both sides of the pie, the colors are nicely shown between the two sides.

I really am almost done with the first sock for my husband - only a couple more inches of ribbing. I'll probably be casting on the second one within the next day or so. I also need to start the spinning for his before I forget the feel of this blend.


Anne, who said: "Ooh, very pretty! I get so jealous of all you spinners, but have so much knitting to do that I just fight the urge!!"

Anne, my budget, or lack there of, is one reason why I spin, at least that's why I tell myself, and since my husband reads this blog that's my story and I'm sticking to it. The other big reason is the control I feel over my choice of yarn now. Take these sock yarns, I ordered them custom dyed, and am spinning them up, and now I get to knit with the yarn I wanted. Of course there is a learning curve where you end up with yarn you don't like, which you either felt or work into projects, and the yarn still costs money.... but, it's so much fun :) so yes, continue to fight the urge so there will be more for us ;)

and to my secret pal, I can't wait to find out all this information during the reveal :) and I will keep tempting you with various yarns and knitting projects, maybe throw in a couple of old finished objects. You will succumb and knit even when you don't have time for it... especially when you don't have time for it, as that's when you need to the most!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

I managed to steal some time to almost finish a second sock that I brought along with me on my mysterious trip, just need to cut the yarn and kitchener the toe. I also had time to start a new sock and then get a few inches before I had to frog it due to a few dropped stitches. Knitting in the dark can be a little more difficult then I thought! Sometime this week I want to go to the yarn store and then send of your package before I return home. If not I'll make your reveal package in May a really large one!

Take care from your secret pal