Tuesday, September 04, 2007

D is for...


no, I'm not done with anything yet, but I am done planning for the homeschool co-op we seem to have started. Everything started today. Curly had her first day of Joyschool and even though it was a bit chaotic, she seems to have enjoyed it and was very excited to find out she'll have it again on Thursday (yes, every Tuesday and Thursday... it hasn't quite sunk in to her yet). Lily had her first organized school experience. She'd normally be starting kindergarten this year, but since she is reading and wants to learn we set up a group to do homeschooling with the big kids while the siblings are attending Joyschool. Tuesdays will be history, Thursdays will be different rotating enrichments - all done by the moms. We've been planning for a while, and it went well (with many tweaks needed of course) I think. I don't have to teach until next week for the older kids, and the end of October (or maybe the end of September) for the younger ones, so I get to watch and help (and provide a house) until then.

D is also for Delighted!

My Knitters Virtual Vacation Swap package has arrived. At least I assume it's that - it's time for my vacation, it's from the UK, and I don't think my SP has sent off something that would arrive this quickly. My family was so great about being local tourists (and very excited about the whole swap) that I'm waiting until everyone is home before I open it... pictures next time!

D is also for Duh!

Thanks to everyone who's already entered the contest - and yes, family are welcome to enter - but my sweet sweet knitting husband will be excluded if he doesn't get an entry in soon, as he can see my current up to the minute progress. The contest is still open - and probably will be for another week or more, but you never know when the planets will align and the knitting mojo will kick in and something will be done, so get those entries in!

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