Wednesday, September 12, 2007

E is for...


(sorry for the posting delay, I'm not an awful swap-person, really! I did email my pal right after opening the box, I just couldn't get life back together enough to post pics for the rest of you until now!)

Amber from Morecambe (NW England) sent me some wonderful things!

There's some Colinette Mohair from Wales, some 'dye packets', a handmade hat (very cool, I love both the pattern and colors! and a cute little 'handmade' charm on it), some candy and chocolate (can you say gone?), an antique crochet hook, a couple elephants and shell beads, and two UK magazines along with her note and a couple local pamphlets. Awesome! :)

My package went off to Janet in Alaska by the way, I'm not sure I ever posted that.

E is also for Expressive!

One of the days last week my husband sweetly brought home this...

just because. Isn't that sweet?

1 comment:

JBB said...

What a beautiful shawl. "My Shawl" if you remember...

Anyway, I'm impressed with all you're getting done!!!!!

So did I win? :)