Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30 - Finished

I made it! I survived a November of posting every day. I discovered that I really have nothing to say after about a week and a half of working on my projects - especially if I am not really knitting every day. I'm not planning to blog for the next day or two... after that we'll see next week if blogging has become a habit or not.

While I haven't knit (much) today I did do a handful of rounds on the socks. I also watched Ghostbusters. Wow is that a weird movie. I also wasted a lot of time tonight relaxing while playing a cat game and a tower game. Both of these games you are trying to make sure nothing makes it off the screen... just very different ways of ensuring that.

Thanks for reading and commenting all month, hopefully it hasn't been too useless! Enjoy the games!


aksunflour said...

That cat game is addicting! (not to mention annoying!).
Thank you for all of the random websites this month.
And blogging daily is a lot of work- somedays I just like to read and not blog.
Congratulations for blogging for one month.

the boogeyman's wife said...

congratulations! i enjoyed your posts, even if you felt they were random.