Friday, September 21, 2012

Fiction Friday: The Blue Castle

I was reading through some of the threads on the Ravelry Forum.  I don't remember if it was the Homeschooling Group or the Simple Living group or the Selfish Knitting Group, but one of them was talking about their favorite books.  Someone mentioned an L.M. Montgomery book I had never read.  I, of course, immediately requested it.  I grew up rereading Anne so many times and loving it.  I also own the Emily series, and several of her other short story books.  The new book was The Blue Castle.

It is about an older women (she 29 and not married) who, due to some new knowledge, decides to not be a door mat to her family any more.  She decides to live life on her terms, and it is a wonderfully cute story.  It is, perhaps, not a surprising thriller, but a fun read.

What authors did you like to read as a kid/teen?


Rita said...

My that question takes me back a few years. My favorites were the Oz books - all 40 of them. I also remember reading The Lone Ranger series, Tom Swift series, Nancy Drew series, Dana Girls series The Bobbsey Twins series and the Boxcar Children series. I also began reading Andre Norton. I also read many of the classics. I enjoyed Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Lloyd C. Douglas, and Louisa Alcott.

Anonymous said...

Patricia McKillip, Alexandre Dumas, Lloyd Alexander, Elizabeth Moon, David Weber, Andre Norton, Asimov. There are many I've discovered since that I'd like to have read: Terry Pratchett, Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, (author of Thursday Next) ...