Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More pictures of socks

I just realized that I had not posted any pictures of the socks my sweet husband made for me. So, here they are...

He uses the Priscilla Dream Socks Pattern, and used US0 and US1 bamboo dpn.

He's already working on two different sock projects (both for me), one of them using one of the tofutsies given to me by my swap10 pal. (I plan on using the other one)

There is plenty of this ball of Tofutsies yarn left, unlike the pair I'm making for him (I split it in half and have a small ball left after finishing the first sock)

I already cast on the second sock. I did the first couple of rows of the toe with dpn, and now I moved it over to the circular needle. It's still a bit tight on that, but it is a lot less bulky than the 5 dpn, at least to me.

I also forgot to mention last time, I received the stitch markers I won from Tammy. Thank you!

My daughter also got into the spirit of mommy's many projects tonight, she declared the she needed a pink bunny, like her sister. She wanted it. "Start it. Start that now mommy." I haven't started it yet, but I think she's already got dibs on it when it's done.

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Peggy said...

Wow!!!! A husband that knits!!!! What or what would my stash look like if my husband did the same? Hmmmm, might cause a family feud. :) The socks are beautiful and such a sweet gift.