Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation - (Part Two, Day Two - End)

Tuesday. We went to the local museums. These are known as the quadrangle - as there are four museums and a big library all around a grassy area. I've previously been to all the museums, as they are now free to residents of the city. This time we just went to the science museum and stopped in at the planetarium. We went to the show for older kids, which older daughter enjoyed (younger daughter was a little scared in the dark room - the younger kids show has a lot more light and music). We walked through most of the exhibits in that museum, and then stopped at the gift shop to pick up something for my Virtual Vacation Swap. Springfield is the home to Dr Suess (we have a mulberry st, and a bliss st too, although they don't cross like the book shows), indian motorcycles, and the basketball hall of fame.

Wednesday. We dropped the girls off with family and spent the day at the Boston Temple.

Thursday. We went blueberry picking and then spent some time making sure we had all the supplies to jam them.

Friday. We had dentist appointments and then went north for a little while and walked around Yankee Candle for a while (they have whole christmas displays, which was nice after a rainy warm week).

Saturday. We spent a good portion of the day canning blueberry jam. Yummy :) ...and avoiding retail locations as it was tax free day and we assumed places would be nuts.

My Vacation Swap package is all put together - it just needs to journey to the post office and then off to my giftee. It was a lot of fun to pull together local things to ship off. I hope she'll like it!

We had a great vacation week. Didn't do everything we hoped to, but you never can. I've spent the first half of the week trying to return both the house and our schedules to normal. I haven't been doing much knitting, but the bear to go along with Jack's blanket is almost done. ...and other mysterious knitting has occurred. I think my summer craft break is slowly ebbing out. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I'll be back to being a spinning, knitting, dyeing, crafting machine. (although the full return of that may wait until the garden is done, apples are sauced and canned, and fall is officially here)

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Anonymous said...

Hi lucy, your Virtual vacation package is winging its way across land and sea as we speak:)
I hope you like the things I've sent you
your pal in??