Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Project Recap and the magical alphabet

I know that I am a very picture-centric blogger... that works very nicely except for the times I don't (for one reason or another) have pictures ready to blog about. I have an idea on how to break me of that!

I'm going to steal a page from someone else's blog that I saw, and so for the next 26 (or so) posts, each will be brought to you by a letter - starting with the next one of course. This post, however, is to bring everything up to date.

I realized that I was sick of referring to my daughters as the older one and the younger one. So, for those of you who didn't notice in my SP11 questionnaire - I named them. With different names of course (all about protecting the children here). My older daughter, who is almost 5 and 1/2, asked to be called Lily, as that is her favorite flower. My younger one, who is 3 and a bit, agreed to be known as Curly. My husband will still be known as sweet sweet husband, or perhaps ssh for short. ;)

I'm still working on my MS3, just very slowly. I've gotten to see one that's almost done though, as my mother is pretty much on schedule. (A link to her blog when she posts her finished pics).

I'm still working on my yarn pirate sock - debating, since it stalled, whether to finish it as a plain sock, or to wait and do a couple of small trial ones, and adapt it to a toe-up pattern from Cat's new book - my husband dropped by the store after work during the MS3 knit-a-long, and he ended up bringing home that book.... he promises me I can use it too... someday.

I'm still working on the melon shawl for Curly. I'm almost done with the edging on the first short side. ...I know, also stalled. Not much knitting going on apparently.

I did finish, however, the teddy bear and little sweater to go along with Jack's blanket. Pictures are taken, just not on the computer yet, and the package was delivered!

I'm started a project from Knitting Lingerie Style - it's not quite lingerie... it's not quite public wear either - but I'm looking forward to finishing it and having something very comfy to lounge in. For those of you who haven't seen the book, it has a wide selection of some very nice stuff - I have multiple projects on my to-do list from it.

I also managed to get my Virtual Vacation Package off to my person. More on that once she gets it. I'm looking forward to getting mine, sometime... I'm sure it will be wonderful! This swap was great so far, even though I didn't have the time to participate in the fun contests - it was a lot of fun to put that package together.

I joined SP11 (duh, the questionnaire I already posted...) I already started reading the blog of the person I get to spoil and I'm looking forward to that fun as the weather starts to cool down.

I also started to spin the purple/green yarn I won from the SSAL - maybe I'll get that done in time to enter contest #5 - ummm, that's this weekend... maybe not. We'll see.

I also took some time today and took stock of all my needles. They are now all entered into ravelry, and my husband's needles are all written down on a paper chart. (As we share, but they are stored separately).

My husband finished a pair of socks for Curly, and is now experimenting with his new book before starting a pair of pink socks for Lily. Pictures of all those socks at some point...

I think that's it - now I just have to get out of my posting once a week rut. Hopefully the alphabet will help me!


Janet said...

Thank you for the wonderful package! I could hardly wait until I got home to open it! The salt water taffy is exquisite- THANK YOU!!! All the postcards and maps were great too.

Anonymous said...

Your package is going in tomorrows mail for the virtual vacation swap and I do hope you like the things I got together for you:)