Monday, August 06, 2007

Vacation - (Part Two, Day One)

I'm almost over my cold now - and remembering why I do, aside from the humidity, like this time of year:

Today we went to go see the New England Air Museum.

We all had fun looking around at all the planes and exhibits - the girls especially loved the peddle planes (just like it sounds - plans to build them available at the gift shop).

Since my older daughter loves space, she was excited to see a moon suit.

I thought the size comparison charts were very interesting...

...and we all enjoyed walking around and looking at both the military and civilian exhibits.

....and then of course, since we were already down in CT, we went to my LYS and poked around. My husband was a bit surprised when they greeted me by name - I quickly pointed out that that's because of the weeks I've gone there to work on my Mystery Stole, not because of the amount of money I spend.... I picked up a couple of things, including the yarn for my Knitters Vacation Swap, so no pictures!

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