Thursday, August 02, 2007

Still alive and knitting

As my house guests left on Tuesday I came down with an awful bug - at first it wasn't too bad and I kept working and knitting, but then my throat decided that it wanted to burn. Burn, and rip itself apart. Ummm, yeah. So, the past day or two I've spent sitting and reading, and eating fruit (since that doesn't hurt like drinking water does).

I did manage to finish a baby blanket before my throat went on strike - pictures soon (I don't think I even mentioned it here, I just listed it on ravelry as one of my WIP - but I will make sure all the details get listed both places). It was a rectangular blanket worked from the middle out, and I actually kept track of the pattern as I made it up - so that those directions will be listed with the pics.

We are actually getting tomatoes from the garden (seeds that I planted inside in April) along with the lettuce and a couple beans and peas. Squash and cucumbers and eggplant and soy beans and peppers and many other things are currently flowering. The Phlox and Monkshood are both flowering and are very pretty too.

I have also been reading a whole bunch of books by Jasper Fforde while I've been ill - rather strange, but very interesting. Oh, and I also read (finished) Harry Potter 7, the Saturday it came out, thanks to my husband distracting the kids while I read.

All of this to distract you from the lack of pictures (and a lack of a MS3 update....) - did it work?


hannah said...

My Sympathy on the cold Lucy. Hope you get better soon!


Anonymous said...

e you feel better soon. I'm busy planning goodies to send you:)
your virtual vacation pal:))

JBB said...

I'm still trying to get better, too...