Thursday, February 02, 2012

Dark Blue Wallaby

When I finished his most recent sweater my son wore it for days straight. Well, we made him take it off to eat and didn't let him sleep in it, but otherwise it was constantly on him. E-v-e-r-y day!

So I decided I needed to make him another one. Maybe one that was a bit bigger, so it would last a bit longer. The green one was superwash (which means machine wash and dryable) but this yarn is not, so it will be a bit more worn and then handwashed.

He is very excited about having a dark blue sweater...

So this past weekend I started this:

He checked with me today to make sure I'd be adding a hood, and sleeves.... I also let him know it will include shoulders.

(I just showed him this post and when I turned away to talk to someone else he got my attention again 'mom, mom, mom, mom, mom....' and then asked me to please knit some more on his dark blue sweater)

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