Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This past weekend

So, although I don't have photographic proof, I spent this weekend being very productive. In no particular order I did the following over this past long weekend:

Made 2 hearty veggie and ham quiches

Enjoyed a fire in the fireplace (finally burning the last of the Christmas wrapping paper)

Went to church

Had a nap

Helped my husband clean his workshop (small square room, randomly junked with stuff from finishing our upstairs - now the floor is clear and most of his tools are findable!)

Cheered him on while he undid pipes and fixed our clogged bathroom sink

Planned a lesson for Tuesday (5 kids, 105minutes: intro to our new science unit and review of geography bee information from the fall unit. We also ended up taking a mile walk in a big loop and having them draw a map of it since the first section of our new science unit is on maps. We only ended about 7 minutes early!)

Typed up a schedule of what's due when for this new science unit (hopefully having our last class the end of May)

Wrote up a shopping list (and thanked my husband profusely for taking two kids and doing the shopping trip)

Watched my husband play with his new technology toy and decided I wanted one also with some of our tax refund money

Finished a book (and started two new ones!)

Played Plants vs. Zombies with my three year old boy

Knit more on a sleeve (that isn't quite right and will be ripped out, more on that later this week)

Watched more House on Hulu before it expired

Watched more Once Upon a Time on Hulu with my girls before it expired

Enjoyed getting more flowers from my Sweet Husband

Gave my son a haircut

It was a busy long weekend!

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