Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweater Body

I told you the sweater was moving quickly, for a worsted weight adult sweater, and then I was silent about it for a week. Well, that's because the sleeves are not actually part of the pattern. This pattern had short, very short, sleeves.... and my friend wants long sleeves... and she did paint my upstairs... magically, without me having to do any work on it. So, I bragged that I only had to rip out one sleeves - I was punished for bragging and I think we're on attempt 4 now, but looking good. I'll show you the sleeves once I've finished one and it's been declared good, but for now I can show you the body of the sweater.

The way this sweater is constructed I need to stop the body there and make sure both sleeves are ready to go and then I knit them in and decrease during the yoke to form shoulders and and the top of the sweater. We're going to have to examine it later to make sure it's long enough, but for now it is the length the pattern told me to make it and I'm not looking for problems until the sleeves are done.

Another close-up because it's just so pretty:

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