Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trip to Webs

Almost a year ago I bought a groupon to Webs and gave my husband the same deal also. ...then at Christmas I was given a gift certificate to Webs. Since the groupon was going to expire at the end of the month we finally packed up the family and went (since these had to be used in person it had to be a time when both my husband and I were both able to go). My husband got a cool cloth yarn bowl/box that he let me break in while still in the car (as I was finishing up the dark blue wallaby). Everything else is in the picture below, except two tins of hard lotion (I got the Ginger Blossom and Yarn Bar)

Pictured here:
a braid of fiber for me, dark blue chosen by little tomato, sparkly cream chosen by curly, cool blue chosen by lily, 2 skeins of noro sock yarn chosen by husband, and 2 small skeins (purple and blue on the bottom) that I snagged while checking out the clearance rack with the kids. Actually, the girls have two skeins of each of theirs, as they were also from the clearance rack, but I could only find one for the picture!

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