Sunday, July 01, 2007

More from Long Long Ago

Friday I went to a local bead store (that's been less than a mile from my house for the past two years and I didn't know about it) and got some more MS3 supplies. I also printed up the chart, and went to a cast-on party Friday night. I also (at the bead store) got some stuff to do some wire knitting. Pictures of those purchases and projects (and MS3 progress update) later tomorrow.

I'm still working on the Melon Shawl - getting many repeats done, almost ready to start the edging (I hope!). I was hoping to finish a couple more projects before starting a new one, but there are some baby gifts needing to be made, and those don't wait... while I decide what and when to start something new you can enjoy these pictures....

Last time I showed you some of my really early sweaters - some that I don't wear so much and some that I'm proud of, but would do differently now - for today's dose of old Finished Objects, you get to see some of the knits for my daughters that I just love (kindof unclear, I love how these projects turned out, and yes I also love my daughters).

A scrap poncho - I really should write this one up, as it was SO easy to make, and ended up with a simple, but pretty, shape.

I had a bag of scraps, I had a shape in mind, and I had a daughter who was walking around in need of just a bit of warmth. I made this ummm... I'd guess 2003 for my older daughter, when she was younger :)

Around the same time, I had a little red dress that I loved to put on my daughter, but, as children do, she was outgrowing it. It was made of a knit material and I thought, hey, I can copy this.... so I did.

...and then of course, I played around with a pattern and made a matching sweater.

The fact that the dress is too short (for my taste) for the child once the sweater fits, is a nice bit of irony - the sizes didn't overlap so well, I think it was worn once (or maybe twice) together.

Last year, I had made a number of things for my younger daughter, and it was time to make something for my older daughter. I used some scraps from tigger (who you'll see soon) and a couple of other scraps, to make this.

I wanted to try something new on this project, and I realized I hadn't done any intarsia. A book was purchased, a pattern was chosen, and the pocket was made (along with the rest of the sweater of course).

Next time, either more crafty-toys, or some grown up sweaters, and more current knitting (of course!)

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