Friday, July 06, 2007

Shawl and Stole

The Melon Shawl is progressing. I finished the center section and started the edge. The colors didn't look great together as I started, and I questioned it again.... but I think I like it now - and more importantly, my daughter likes it.

After working on it a bit, I think I'm picking up approximately the right number of stitches (it's not straight forward because I didn't do the same number of pattern repeats in the center). The numbers are close to being right, and this is after I dropped down a couple of needle sizes so the YO sections would look the same with the new yarn. The truth will come after I do a couple corners, and then really when I block it, but I think it's good.

I'm about half done with one side, after working on it during tv watching for the past couple of nights... 18 repeats done - I'm estimating about 100 around, not counting corners. It is really starting to look nice though, as the edging pulls the lace out just a bit, making it so it doesn't curl at least.

On to the Mystery Stole 3...

This was after completing clue 1 (charts A and B). I wanted to get it done before the next clue came out, but I kept delaying, and then couldn't focus, and then was busy, and then delayed some more. Thursday I sat down and did chart B (chart A was finished last friday night at the cast on party).

Today I printed out clue 2, and started chart C. I'm just a handful of rows in (about to start row 116 - clue 2 has rows 101-150).

...and the center section, so you can see how the beads shine when they catch the light (otherwise they just blend in).

Pretty? The group for the MS3 (6547 members at the moment) closes to new members tonight at midnight. After that you'll have to wait until it's a published pattern in order to get it (and miss out on the Knit-A-Long)

...back to knitting (or putting the girls to bed or something)

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i love the gold beads ! (mine are silver-