Friday, July 13, 2007


There have been no posts due to:
- a lack of knitting, spinning, and other fiber related crafts
- a lack of cooking, gardening, and other picture worthy hobbies

...I did however, receive in the mail my prize from SSAL. It's pretty, and is picture-worthy... unfortunately my camera is not where it belongs.*

Tuesday I purposefully did not knit a stitch. It was a crazy day (schedule-wise) and I had procrastinated cleaning for long enough, so I cleaning in the morning, and ran around crazy in the afternoon, and cooked, ate, and went to a movie in the evening - and then went to sleep. ...without knitting. ...without spinning. It felt really strange.

Wednesday I did knit, but not much. I'm still working on the edging for the Melon Shawl - I am about to do the first corner. ...but I got side tracked. My husband has a couple of days off of work, and we are painting. Pictures will follow (perhaps - if it comes out nicely). I'm about to go print off MS3 clue 3, and then eat breakfast and then begin priming. Knitting will resume as the paint dries, and as the many items(*) that belong in the living room... ummm... ..return from the boxes and piles to the living room. yeah.


Anonymous said...

An entire day with no fiber related activities?! How did you do it?

Anne said...

Doesn't it just stink when life gets in the way of crafting and knitting?? I hate it when that happens, and it happens far too often for my tastes!

Anonymous said...

hope things are a little less hectic
your knitters vacation pal:)