Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation (part 1)

While my husband had 4 days (vacation days + empty weekend) last week, we decided to paint our living room. This room hadn't been painted in the almost 4 years we've lived here, and it was definitely about time! My friend Allison (of the multiple talents) has helped us before with color combination decisions, and she came through again and took my and my husband's vague notions and desires for the room, and pulled it together.

The room before:

(packing up has begun)

The room during:

(we did multiple coats of primer and then color - and used http://www.hytechsales.com/insulating_paint_additives.html in most of the paint, hoping to help insulate the room a bit more)

And the room after:

I spent a good deal of yesterday making sure any paint that dripped on the floor was cleaned up, and our belongings were returned to the room (aside from anything hanging on the walls - those are still not up) We are very pleased with how the room came out - and hope to put up new curtains soon, and perhaps new furniture (or a slip cover, although either won't be any time soon) - as the couch is still lovely, but the drop cloth covering it had on went so much nicer in the room!

Although there is another vacation time in August (part 2 of summer vacation), I'm betting that during that time there will be a lot more relaxing and a lot less working and painting.

I have returned to knitting. I've done the first two pattern rows (4 total) of MS3 clue 3 - my tape arrived in the mail too for that!! I also turned the first corner of the Melon Shawl, and did a couple repeats on the short side. The only knitting that happened between Tuesday morning of last week, and Sunday evening of this week, was a row on the shawl edging, and a handful of rows on my current sock (still the yarn pirate one!). After taking those finished room pictures, and before cleaning and restoring all the items to the room, I sat and knit for about 45 min on the sock. Such a wonderful feeling :)

Next time - more old finished objects, and my prize from SSAL that came in the midst of the painting!


Knitting Mama said...

Nice colors. I approve!

MidnightFirefly said...

Hey, I did a good job!;)