Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Goals and Promises

Ha Ha, I entered the title 'Secret Knitting' and it published for some reason, so this blank post really was secret knitting. Nice. I think I'll update the title....

I am still working along on the gifts that I am knitting. They will hopefully be finished before this weekend, so you can look forward to a post finally showing them soon. I am more than half done I believe right now, and almost all done with the thinking parts, which is good because I don't have much more thinking knitting time (non-thinking knitting can be done while talking or watching shows... thinking knitting has to be at least some what paid attention to).

So, I'll take a minute, before getting back to that to recap my goals and where I am on them.

Goal number 1: Make a habit of daily Scripture Reading

Yes, this is going well. I am reading one chapter almost every day, and on the couple I've missed I've made myself catch up the next day. I am in the middle of Luke right now and am fine continuing with that.

Goal number 2: Read a majority of my GoodReads list

I'd say this is going well... not great, but pretty good. I had mentioned something about a book a week - well, I'm up to about 34 for the year so far, but... I had also made a rough sketch of how many books I should have on my to-read list each month, as I knew I would always be adding more. I started with 68, added some to a high of 78ish and I currently have 54 on my to-read list. This falls just below the February goal, so, ignoring my currently-reading books I will count this one as a check.

Goal number 3: Spin at least 60 oz over the year

This one gets a partial, as I am currently at 8.5 oz for the year, and two months done I should be about 10 oz. I usually spin a bit more as it warms up for some reason though, so we'll see if I can catch up over the next couple months.

Goal number 4: Go through toys

Nope, not yet. This will be most likely accomplished after we switch to summer schedule for school.

Goal number 5: Deep Clean each room twice

I have started this, but not enough for even a partial check mark. That spring cleaning I'm looking forward to at the end of the month should really help this!

And don't forget the contest... Any comment or getting someone else to comment gets you an entry until I close it Saturday night! All details and prize info here

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