Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: About March

This week's Ten on Tuesday is a little fun, the list is the top ten reasons I love the month of March.

1. Two of my three kids are born in March - that makes the whole month fun.

2. My birthday is at the beginning of April, so March means I get to start thinking about it.

3. Every once in a while you get a nice warm day where the air feels so clean and fresh.

4. During those one or two days I love to open the windows, just for a bit, to air out the house, which is wonderful.

5. Snow melting - enough said.

6. Seedings - it's time to start them planting, we went last weekend and made some purchases, so I think this next weekend we'll be starting our garden (inside version).

7. Once again, with the snow melting and the warmer weather I can sometimes get outside. Whether it's a walk or a bike ride - I mostly hibernate in the house during the winter, so it's nice to move around outside.

8. We are now (well, after tomorrow) 2/3 done with our organized school year. March is usually the time we start the last push, last units, and looking forward to the end and summer schedule.

9. Flowers. I know they aren't really coming out of the ground yet, but going to the different stores I have to visit for my normal shopping I can see all the blooms and start to get excited about spring.

10. Spring Cleaning. While it's warm but not warm enough to play outside (closer to the end of the month?) I look forward to taking a week or so and just cleaning out all the corners of our small house.

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Jansen Family said...

Oooh! Happy birthday to your house! We love birthdays...they last at least a week around here.