Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Favorite Pies

So... this week's topic is favorite pies. Yes, I'm still watching what I eat, but it's beginning to feel more natural. I just need to mix up the lunch time salad a bit on the days I'm home and have time to make anything else with a minimum of two cups of vegetables. Right... on to pies.

1. Pumpkin

2. Apple

3. Chocolate Cream (made this for our feast this november - so good)

4. Chicken Potpie

5. Beef Potpie

6. Lemon Meringue - how did this end up so far down the list??

7. Key Lime Pie (especially that frozen one... maybe I'll bring one to book club this month and cheat a bit!)

8. Hershey Pie (again, frozen - single servings are wonderful, especially when on sale)

9. Quiche - we call it egg pie with veggies here, and we make it with TONS of veg

10. Peach Pie

What's your favorite??


The Metzgers said...

I love you lists!

Jackie said...

I want to know what beed pot pie is!!??

My favorite is Key lime!

Jackie said...


I want to know what beef pot pie is!!??

My favorite is Key lime!