Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Reasons to Use the Public Library

Top 10 Reasons to Use the Public Library:

1. Free books, movies and music!

2. Interlibrary Loan - so I can get almost anything

3. Knitting time at the local library

4. The ability to see what we have on our cards (for the whole family) online - so we can find them all and return them without too many fees

5. The ability to request items using our cards online

6. The ability to renew items online

7. Different Activities they hold for the kids (crafts, animals, science demonstrations, etc)

8. Summer Reading Program

9. Checking out their New book lists every month to add interesting titles to my Goodreads list

10. Making it so this year, so far I've read about 53 books, and own only 3 of them. I have hope for the rest of my to-read list.

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