Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Fabric

A Joann's store recently opened up near me, and of course I got a coupon to use at their grand opening. I picked up some fabric for 2 pairs of pants for one of my girls, and for a dress for each of them:

(and some stitch markers and yarn needles to replace my supply my daughters keep taking)

I also recently traded on Ravelry. Someone was wanting to barter away some of their fabric for some fiber, and it just so happened that they lived locally. I looked on their page, they looked on mine, we bartered back and forth, and then she dropped by my church building before church started last Sunday and I swapped some fiber for this:

(that's some denim, some flannel, some brushed twill batik, some christmas cotton, and a small piece of dora and diego cotten my son happened to see while I was browsing)

Any bets how long it will be before I have the first finished item from any of this new fabric?

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I am going to guess within the week! :)