Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday: Tips on Moving

I know the blog has been quiet and a little slow lately - it's just crazy birthday and spring life-related stuff... hang out for a little while and the postings should pick up again!

Ten Tips on Moving:

1. Gather enough boxes - your stuff will take up more than you think!

2. Pack away stuff first that you know you won't use so you can start the process ahead of time and do it a bit at a time.

3. Try to pack without the kids! Play dates or movies are both good for this!

4. Label where each box should go in the new place! If you aren't sure about the organization of the new place then be specific about what is in each box when you label.

5. ...or number each box and have a master list about what is in which box!

6. Towels or plastic grocery bags work well for packing fragile items - or out of season clothes would also work.

7. If possible, weed through and declutter before you pack. If that's not possible then accept it and just pack everything, knowing you will be moving things just to toss them. Don't try to unclutter and pack at the same time.

8. When moving into your new place, if possible, stand at the door and direct boxes to each room - piling them in each room against a certain wall so that beds/couches/etc can also be placed and used before having to move or unpack boxes.

9. Bribe friends to help - watch kids, pack the truck, move the furniture, etc. Pizza and cold soda often work.

10. My favorite: Just don't move

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