Sunday, June 24, 2007

Update on Moth Shawl

I finished! its unblocked state - measured 61 across and 32 inches down the center - blocking will hopefully be done tomorrow!
[EDIT]: I have 114 yards (7/8 ounce) left - wow I used the right needles, eh?

And since these have been patiently waiting in my basket for some ends-weaving-in since mid-week (sorry, I was obviously busy knitting.... and yes, he could have finished them, but we were in a waiting game and I will enable my husband to knit in any way possible - such as finishing stuff that he dislikes to do... whatever it takes to get socks made for me) here are the most recent socks that my sweet sweet husband made for me.

Tofutsies, US1 and US0, Priscilla's Dream Sock pattern, nice and snug on my feet.

Very comfy! :) I plan on wearing them tomorrow.

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JBB said...

Lucy, This is still all beyond me...your help notwithstanding. I guess I like the shawl, since that's the one I've seen first (and tracked somewhat, to completion). And I think it's cool to have a contest. I guess that means I've missed probably 97 blog entries (give or take).

m said...

I love the socks! Is that the "sweep you off your feet" colourway?