Monday, May 21, 2007

Fiber Swap!

My fiber swap box arrived, a lot quicker than we both thought the mail would deliver it!

Thank you to my swap partner, as I was telling my husband (before he saw it) there's a little bit of everything in that box (and now that I've unpacked it I can't believe everything actually fit in it). I did break it down a bit for pictures, more for my benefit than for anyone else's...

There is some raccoon, some baby alpaca (hand dyed), and some combed silk top.

Some wool, recycled sari silk, and some sparkles (the technical name of course)

Buttons, toggles, nice notebook, and some wool with yarn in it

Tea, soap, lotion, and silk cocoons. (I'm trying to figure out how to start with them - looking through a website that was written down with them)

A whole package of stuff for my girls - they were SO excited that one of mommy's boxes had something for them. Thank you!!

Some nylon, merino, a couple different breeds, and a nice carded batt

Beautiful colors on this wool roving

Like I said, I can't believe all this came in one small box. Thank you so much to my spoiler. I'm can already feel my sub-conscience working on the different possibilities and projects. Thank you!!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how well wool and fibers can compress? hehe. :) I'm glad your girls like their little goodies! Hope you have loads of fun with it all, would love to see what you make, so keep in touch!

Your Fiberswap SP...