Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finished (part one)

I finished one sock! The colorfully spun yarn is making it rather fun and quick to knit up. I've already got the second one past the toe increases and I'll be working on the foot tonight during lost.

The next contest for SP10 is to list all current projects... I think I'll try to cheat a bit and finish up a couple before I post that - since I have a little while before it has to be up. ...especially since I started spinning my small bag of angora last night on the spindolyn.

And yes anne, I do get to just 'go to webs'.... and so can you, any time you want to buy a plane ticket... :) I try to remind myself how much of a nice thing that is, since it's still a bit of a pain (I know... no pity). I'm also not a big stasher... I tend to buy things for projects, and then once in a while something that's a great deal or that is just beautiful. The tent sale is this weekend, and then the MA sheep and wool is the week after that (memorial day weekend). So I've got to take it easy at the tent sale, as I haven't been to the s&w before, so I want to make sure I save some budget for that.

and another recent comment:
I LOVE the socks in the first pic! The second one is blurry, though; do you have a smaller version that's easier to see?

Where'd you get the fiber for the colorful socks? And did you dye that batch yourself? XD Sorry I'm not up on the latest news--but I'm glad I checked in to see these!

I'll take new pics of the tofutsies after they are all through the wash - perhaps tomorrow. The fiber I am knitting my current socks with was custom dyed from 'yarn or a tale' and I spun it up, I'm now working on the batch that was dyed for my husband.

Back to knitting and Lost....

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